The Truth About Bisexual Men Like Me

Go ahead. Call me a fool, an idiot, an imbecile, a moron. I’ve articulated those same self-incriminations and worse. But, here’s the truth: I’m not alone in my foolishness. If men like me were rare, I’d be less challenged to make wiser choices. I’m just one in millions of bisexual men who secretly cruise for and engage in casual sex with strangers. I can’t produce hard data to verify my guesstimation of “millions.” It’s a calculation based on years — no, decades — of personal experience. And, as it is the survival instinct of nearly every male bisexual to keep it on the downlow, reaching an…



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Rand Bishop

Rand Bishop is a Grammy nominated songwriter, activist, and the author of five books. His latest is TREK: My Peace Pilgrimage in Search of a Kinder America.